We’re a small graphic and web design firm located in Antwerp, Belgium. We design using custom tools and modern web frameworks. We love to design as well as code, and carry out academic research in the field of graphic design. We love open source, open standards and open communication.

Our own tools

Superfolia plant growing algorithm.
Image manipulation with geometric spheres.
Project demonstrating the mechanics of evolution.
NodeBox icon

We created our own open source graphic design tool, called NodeBox, that we use to automate tedious production work. We also utilize it as a creative machine, helping us brainstorm and do research. NodeBox is free software, well-documented, and unlike anything else you’ve seen.



Student in a workshop environment.
Screenshot from 'evil font' by Valtteri Vitakoski.
Work in progress sketch.

We organize workshops to teach students and professionals modern graphic design principles, and to solicit feedback on the software. Whether they take one afternoon or two entire weeks, the results are always intriguing.


Academic design research

The common sense graph allows the computer to reason like us.
The prism algorithm finds a color palette for every concept.

Burocrazy staff work as researchers at St. Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, where we are developing the next wave of generative design tools. These machines can help brainstorm, come up with colors or shapes for any word, make compositions about recent news events, and analyze natural language to understand design briefings.



An archive of our projects is available at the projects page.